Sunday, October 17, 2021 | By: John

Endless Soul Light Solitaire

Two rivers converge, and the tops of trees entwine... Stones, trees, rivers, winds, animals, birds, and all other living species in the beautiful world of Liveria have a sparkling light inside them - their soul. Some people keep it hidden, while others keep it out in the open. Each soul has a distinct hue. Nobody is ever lonely since they have a soulmate with the same soul colour as them. This is a sotry about Phyro, a tiny moth that searches for a soulmate in every light she sees, but she never finds it. She encounters a variety of unusual animals that join her on her journey. These buddies are ready to go on an extraordinary journey together. Help the Liverians retrieve their lost souls by solving 200 card patterns of varying difficulty.

Game Size 155 MB



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