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Moai 2: Path to Another World

A long time ago, in a land far away, a king ruled with his queen in peace and prosperity. Then one day, a dark force kidnapped his beloved and left a path of destruction in its wake. To save his beloved, the ruler must take up arms and pursue his adversary across three magical realms. He must also take up a hammer, a hoe, and a pickaxe so he can rebuild the homes and the lives of his people!You control the destiny of this heroic ruler and his people. To succeed, you'll need to gather food and other resources, and then use them wisely to finish the tasks that lie before you. You'll also need to defend your people against evil henchman and bizarre supernatural enemies. Use strategy to complete tasks quickly, and a slew of achievements will be yours! With adventure to spare, an inspiring story of destiny, and gameplay that will hold you in a grip of excitement, Moai 2: Path to Another World is an instant classic!

Game Size 349 MB



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patricia said...

Wat een leuke blog zeg!

Adnan said...

Thank You, Patricia ;)

Anonymous said...

Is there speech in this game? Just installed and there's only music and effects, is tat right?

cooper11 said...

page not found

Adnan said...

New Link Added!

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