Thursday, February 19, 2015 | By: Adnan

Fruits Inc. 2

Brooke and Luke finally got married, and now it's time to get back to work. The plan is to stop in all kinds of places and find new partners to expand Fruits Inc. Their journey begins near their house and goes to the big city. To meet the demand for fruits and related products they need to create sixty new farms with their business partners. Embark on this journey and help them expand Fruits Inc beyond current limits. Be the great mind behind the most impressive fruit company in the history of mankind!

Game Size 47 MB



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Batsy said...

Game isn't working for me:( Everything looks fine but when I'm in the game episodes are not loading, it's just white screen.

Adnan said...

Hi Batsy, I copied solution from other blog that may help you.

Thanks, I found the cause of the problem (it was a riddle). It is not the Windows version and it is neither something related to graphic card .... it is the language :-). My operating system language is spanish and the game can work only in english or portuguese. Selecting in options the language the problem is solved.

Best regards.

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