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Youda Survivor

Embark on an incredible adventure with Youda Survivor game! One morning you wake up on a little tropical island, which is yours! This can seem to be amazing in the beginning but then you realize that it is almost impossible to survive there… if only you don’t produce some minimal goods. Start up your own tropical farm and become a cute farmer to survive and find out the way to get back to the main land again!Youda Survivor is an exciting mix of simulation and arcade games. Begin your adventure on a little island with minimal tools to survive and develop your farming business. Attract animals, collect products, produce goods and prepare various potions. And beware of pirates who can steal your products!Featuring colorful graphics, nice audios, challenging tasks, interesting story and bright characters Youda Survivor will provide you with hours of simulation fun!

Game Size 65 MB


Languages: USA English, UK English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Nederlands, Italiano, Japanese, Russian.


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