Tuesday, October 22, 2013 | By: Adnan

Style Quest

Run the most stylish shop in town, helping customers find their new look with a wash, style, spa treatment, and outfits built with two terrific minigames. Spend the Superstars you earn beating levels to unlock thirty bonus features including new equipment, upgrades, and employees!In Story Mode, five friends help Stella work her way through fifty levels, from a tiny shop on the edge of town to a luxurious seaside resort. Or, test your limits in Endless Mode and see how long you can last! It’s stylish fun for everyone - download now and start your Style Quest today!

Game Size 29 MB

New Version! Coming Soon!



Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!

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sil said...

Game is not saving progress, every time u need to start over again... Ca you please fix it?

M. said...

dear adnan this game is shown like a virus in my pc ...i use avast as my pc guardian

Adnan said...

Hi Mia,

Seems, I only got stupid comments about viruses, I really have no intention to harm anyone's PC, this is developer bug, and in beginning Avast didn't report any problem.When I saw your comment I scanned game with Avast and found problem.Links will be removed until new version comes out.

Best regards.

M. said...

Hey adnan,

didn't say it with bad intention, i really enjoy ur games and never had a problem i just thought i should let u know the pb.
Didnt meen to make stupid comment.....i would never write a comment if it wasnt true.

Thx for fixing the pb :)

Unknown said...

Hi adnan,link doesnt work.can u add new link plz
ty for all great games

Anonymous said...

This game really sounds intresting... hope it'll be uploaded again! Too bad it has been removed ç_ç Thanks a lot for your great work, Adnan!!!

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