Friday, November 16, 2012 | By: Adnan


Draft! Attack! Fortify! Play the original game of strategy and world domination — now for your computer. Enjoy the classic look and fun of Risk™ in an exciting new interactive experience. Play two ways as you strategize over the map and set out to conquer the world. Test your power against computer enemies, or compete with friends in Hotseat multiplayer. Use strategic thinking and tactical gambles and earn a host of achievements as you take territory after territory. Can you lead your army to victory?

Game Size 21 MB


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Unknown said...

I've installed the game and I tried to open it, but it says "System video driver is detected to be outdated", and "Windowed mode is not supported on current display". What do I do Adnan? :(

Adnan said...

Use drivermax to update your graphic drivers, try also to change your display resolution, then you will be able to play game.Hope this helps.

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