Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | By: Adnan

Tricks and Treats

Ghoulish guests are scheduled to arrive for Halloween! To prepare, you must collect the resources you need to turn your cheerful mansion into the ghastly backdrop they hope to find. As you match bats, acid vats and witches' hats, you'll earn points for buying ominous scarecrows, menacing jack-o-lanterns and sinister trees. You'll also collect tokens that allow you to purchase power-ups like the Big Boom Bomb and the Epic Lightning, both of which will help you to collect resources more quickly. As you play, trick-or-treaters will pop up in the hopes of scoring a bag of candy and you'll earn the right to use items that can remove vexing obstacles from the board. Whether you like tricks or treats, you'll love every moment of this devilishly fun match-three game!

Game Size 59  MB


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