Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | By: Adnan

Snow Globe - Farm World

Reunite newlyweds separated by magic in Snow Globe - Farm World, a wonderful ranching endeavor.Recently married, Kate and Robert have their entire lives ahead of them until a strange spell casts them to opposite worlds. Kate becomes trapped in a snow globe of all things, and now she must find a way to open the portal and find her husband. To do so, she will have to befriend the inhabitants of this strange world and help them with the harvest.Help Kate find the way out as she joins farmers in 100 fantastic levels. Raise livestock, sell goods, and even establish a successful pillow factory. Beware however, because along the way you'll encounter pesky predators looking to steal your animals. Can you juggle the complications of running farms to win the trust of locals?
Game Size 168  MB



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