Friday, June 15, 2012 | By: Adnan

Safari Quest

Out of the lab and into excitement at last! Jane is sent to Africa to find a rare white lion. Soon, she finds herself on a plane bound for match-3 adventures. Joining her are her animal friends Chippy the ape, Leo the lion, Heppo the hippo and Stripy the Zebra. The hunt for the white lion is more difficult than they had ever imagined – but Jane’s got an ace up her sleeve. She can change the match-3 mode whenever she wants, playfully solving even the most devilish puzzles. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Game Size 34  MB



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Empty Thoughts said...

Dear Adnan, can you please upload PLANTASIA?
I'm dying to find that game. I can't find it ANYWHERE. Please help me..
I really want this game.. please.

Adnan said...

Hi Tracy,

Game is available now on 2nd blog, use search to find game.Enjoy.

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