Sunday, March 7, 2010 | By: Adnan

Last Heroes

Viktor is the new king of Abakam, but powerful forces are moving to destroy him and his kingdom. At the forefront of the resistance is Viktor's own brother, Viper. Viper want's Viktor's crown and he will do anything to get it.To stop his brother, Viktor must embark on a quest. Along the way Viktor will make new friends, experience dreams, and discover his destiny.

Game Size 56 MB



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Unknown said...

why when i install it say "Please insert Disk #1. If the file on the disk can be found in another location, for example, on another drive, enter the full path or click the Browse button to select the path."help me why like this??

Adnan said...

When you download game,open arhive click extract (any folder you want ) and then click install.You will be able to install game.Enjoy.

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