Friday, November 23, 2012 | By: Adnan

Murder She Wrote 2 - Return to Cabot Cove

Take on the role of beloved murder-mystery writer Jessica Fletcher and return to lovely (but lethal) Cabot Cove! In Case 1, a prominent gallery owner is found stabbed in the back, and Jessica must distinguish friend from foe. Intrigue abounds in Case 2 when the philanthropic president of the local charity is electrocuted to death. It's up to Jessica to discover whether the motive was love, money or power. Jessica decides that she needs a vacation after all the mayhem and murder in her hometown, but Case 3 finds her embroiled in a mystery involving James Joyce!

Game Size 329 MB


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Unknown said...

Why on earth am i required to complete questionnares before i can download the game, any chance you can upload to mediafire again?

Adnan said...

Sorry, Shorttext site is offline for now, they should be back very soon.I added new link.Enjoy

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