Saturday, November 10, 2012 | By: Adnan

Journey - The Heart of Gaia

One evening a stranger appears at Liz's doorway, whisking her away to a colorful world that lies deep within the center of the Earth. Not only is it controlled by a powerful tyrant, but the very heart of Underworld is dying! Can Liz save this world and find the way back to her own? Journey through a fantastic landscape filled with quirky characters. Rescue the captured citizens, and they will help you put an end to the tyranny of Scartaris Umbra! Dive deep into the world of Journey: The Heart of Gaia, a thrilling puzzle adventure!

Game Size 449 MB


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nur... said...

seem like the file for part 3 is no longer available...

Adnan said...

Links updated now.

Best Regards

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