Monday, November 21, 2011 | By: Adnan

Azada - In Libro Collectors Edition

Save the three worlds contained inside of a magical book in Azada: In Libro! After being approached by a notary and being informed of an inheritance, you travel off to Prague and find the magical book. One of Azada’s guardians, Titus, informs you that you have been chosen to save the different worlds, so you’re off on an incredible adventure! Stop an evil magician from conquering Azada and protect the guardians in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Game Size 663  MB


Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!


mad said...

hey adnan did i say u r the best just checking because i want drawn trail of shadows the standard edition thank you

Adnan said...

Hi, Mad
Drawn 3 is already posted here

Collectors edition is better than Standard edition + version I posted have multi languages.Sorry i am not going to post standard edition here.

Anonymous said...

the best game i ever played!!!!!!!!!! very good!

Anonymous said...

Hey man,
I downloaded this game's setup. After installing it requires some sort of username and security key.
kindly advise where i can get that ?

Adnan said...

Hi Yousuf,
you can found registration key in
How you installed game and didn't see registration key there ??? :D

I will ignore comments like this in future.


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