Friday, May 14, 2010 | By: Adnan

20 000 Leagues Under The Sea - Captain Nemo

Dive into the fantastic world of Jules Verne in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Captain Nemo, and experience an unforgettable underwater journey.
It's 1867 and the world's oceans are terrorized by a mysterious sea monster. A ship is sent to track down and destroy it, but eventually meets with its own doom after discovering that it is, in fact, a man-made machine. Three survivors of the attack soon find themselves trapped aboard and under the care of the maniacal Captain Nemo, but while this underwater marvel and the ocean floor possess immense mystery and beauty, all they can hope for is to escape and return to their lives on dry land.
Climb aboard the Nautilus and step into the deepest depths of the ocean for adventure. Explore the futuristic submarine and admire the amazing underwater scenery, searching for hidden objects in the wheelhouse, the library, a coral reef and even Atlantis! Learn the secrets of the fascinating machine playing mini-games like taking the helm and reading maps. With 18 beautiful locations, Standard and Timed modes, gigantic monsters, plus an enduring story, this world beneath the waves will have you captivated. 

Game Size 56MB



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