Saturday, July 2, 2011 | By: Adnan

Prison Tycoon - Alcatraz

Build the world's strongest prison, brick by brick, in Prison Tycoon - Alcatraz! As warden of the infamous prison of Alcatraz, build up your defenses and keep the prisoners from escaping. First, keep 'em busy-- put your prisoners to work cleaning, cooking and maintaining their cells. From fires and gang wars to disease and rat infestations, only you can control the notorious public enemies housed inside Alcatraz. Become a true Prison Tycoon!

Game Size 179 MB



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Anonymous said...

How do you put out fires on one of the buildings you didn't build

Anonymous said...

No body nows so please dont ask not even i know and i have had this game for ages ok.

Yours Sincely Anonymous

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